Disability Rights Empowerment Training (DRET)

The Disability Rights Empowerment Training (DRET) Is one of the key activities of the LDPA. Please see below for a link to download the Training outline PowerPoint (In Lao language) and a brief outline of training activities (Lao & English)

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1rbrQdeOumUiodQznK6BAMPrSrl7sKwlX – DRET MATERIALS


We provide DRET Training to participants on the organisational, individual and community levels. It is a participatory training, including thinking games, use of accessible equipment, and challenges people to use their own experience to relate to issues that PWD’s face in society.


Through DRET we provide a participatory training covering aspects of:

  • Background of Disability in Laos
  • Inclusive practices
  • The different barriers which exist for PWD’s
  • Why prejudices & discrimination against PWD’s exists
  • How to be more inclusive through changing  practices on individual, organizational, community and administrative levels
  • Human Rights approaches to mainstreaming PWD’s
  • Ways that we can break down barriers in society to be more inclusive of PWD’s
  • Approaches to ensuring access for PWD’s exists in all levels of society
  • Current legislation around PWD’s in Laos
  • International protocols about PWD’s, which are relevant to Laos

We are currently working on developing targeted DRET Training’s, focusing on the Administrative sector, Private sector, Education sector and Community level trainings.

Please contact drpucoordinator@gmail.com for more information