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Gain Employment Opportunities
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Employment & Disability
To help gain employment, it is important to focus on what you can do, not what you cannot do.
When talking with employers, do not be shy to discuss your disability, but talk about how it has made you more determined to acquire new skills, abilities and that this makes you a valuable employee.
On the pages below are two resume styles which you can use to help write your own resume, email and cover letter. Make sure you delete the red information and use your own (the red writing is a guide for what to write)
Attached below are some email templates, which you can use when contacting potential employers through email
Make sure that you are always searching for opportunities to further your education and skills, as this is the best way to give yourself more access to employment and opportunity.
Please contact the Lao Disabled People’s Association for more information about our work with people with disabilities, further assistance with job preparation you might need (resume writing) and information on employment opportunities in Disabled People’s Organisation’s  and training opportunities which are available for people with disabilities.

CV Guide line 1 below


Curriculum Vitae

Name: Jalongded Khounvixay

t: +856 202 984 354 | e:

Address : Bahn, District, Province example: 9123 Thadeua Road, Hadsayfong District, VTE Capital


Fill in this section with information about what you are interested in, your personal details and why you would be suitable for the job you are applying for in a friendly way.


Write you level of qualification at an Institute or University, College, School or Centre – for example:
Bachelor of Letters (Major Name) 2013-2015 (Years)
NUOL, Dongdok, VTE Capital, Laos


Certificate of Training in English Language skills
University/School/Institute/College/Training Centre Name
HSC, Vientiane College, VTE Capital

– Score/Grade

Core skills and abilities

Description of skills – put things you are good at below

  • Highly developed strategy skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to lead a team
  • Capable use of social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp
  • Computer skills, including proficiency using Excel, Word, WordPress, ,

Employment History

(List below the places you have worked)
Place of Work, District, City/Town, DATE STARTED/DATE FINISHED
Job Title Motorcycle Workshop Assistant
write your description of duties, responsibilities, tasks and what you learned from this employment here.
Name , Phone number and Email of Supervisor or Boss:

Languages Spoken   Speaking                          Reading                                     Writing

References (Put other people, such as teachers, employers or people you have worked with below, with their phone number or email address)
– Bounalian Vanthongphanxay, +856 202 443 221, Savannakhet City, SVK Province

Guide line Cover letter


Dear [name]:

I’m writing in response to your recently advertised position for a [role title]. I am very interested in this opportunity with [company] and believe that my qualifications, education and professional experience would make me a strong candidate for the position. I am a [insert personal characteristics] professional who [add more information on how you can add value to future company]. (You can insert short version of your career profile here). Enclosed is my resume that more fully details my background and work experience, and how they relate to your position. As you can see, [pick out a few key details or experiences that align with the specific requirements of the advertised role]. I firmly believe that I can be a valuable asset to your team. I welcome the opportunity to speak with you about this position and how my experience could help [insert name of company] achieve its goals. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Kind regards,

Your name:……

Email writing Example


example 1

To: Email name:

Subject: Job Application, CV & Cover Letter of (your name here)


To whom it may concern,

I recently saw your advertisement for a (insert job title here), and have attached my CV/Resume and a Cover Letter to apply for this position. Thank you for considering my application,


Your Name Here


example 2

To: Email name:

Subject: Job Application, CV & Cover Letter of (your name here)


Dear Sir/Madame,

My name is (insert name here), I am currently seeking employment and noted that your organization has advertised an available position. I believe I am a viable candidate for the position, and have attached my CV/Resume and Cover Letter for consideration for the position.

Thank you,

Your Name Here