Project: Social and economic participation of Intellectual Disabilities

It is important for people with Intellectual Disabilities to be included in all aspects of Laos Society. From education, to employment and social inclusion, these people deserve the same rights that all other people enjoy.

The Laos Disabled People’s Association helped set up the Intellectual Disability Unit in 2008, with the assistance of Caritas Australia.

The Unit’s role is to provide education, training and skill workshops for people and children with intellectual disabilities, and provide support and information to parent’s and others about the rights of people with disabilities, and inclusive practices for these people.

They run education activities, livelihood skills workshops, employment training, cookie making, art & sports, souvenir making, vegetable and garden growing and more activities.

With the assistance of the LDPA, Caritas and Asian Development with Disabled People program (ADDP Japan) these students and their parents are given more knowledge, inclusion and awareness of their rights.

The IDU is located at House no. 475, Unit 37, Road 5, Bahn Phonkheng, Saysettha District, VTE Capital.
Email: Tel: 030 2000 237