Exchange Meeting in Pursat Province, Cambodia

Exchange Meeting in Pursat Province, Cambodia 9-12 December, 2017

MCNV Lao PDR and LDPA concluded the activities on ‘Learning from Innovative Communication Methods’ (LICM) for mutual cooperation in successful project implementation. To enable LDPA to implement the activity in Savannakhet, and effective working framework of LDPA in the future, Medical Committee Netherlands-Vietnam (MCNV) supported fund and capacity building with team by exchange meeting and field visit Light for the World ( LFTW) ( and Disability Development Service Program ( DDSP) (

The purposes for which the funds provided by MCNV Laos to  LDPA for LICM activities and Exchange meeting  with DDSP and  LFTW in Cambodia  to  increase coordinately and supportively action and  to promote  on how  to work  more effective with disable people

First and second Day 2 (9 and 10 December, 2017), the group arrived in Phnom Phen and   went to Pursat province.  Lao team including project coordinator of LICM and LDPA Vientiane and Savannakhet met LFTW and DDSP to discuss about every organization as hospitality meeting

Third day, Lao teams visited and learn from LFTW DDSP by participation commune meeting. There were delegates of 11 communes   to present about   their plan for their disable people   and general issues in their community.


Picture1: Lao Team (LDPA and MCNV, Laos)  with delegates of commune   in Pursat Province of Cambodia , DDSP and    Staffs of Light of the  world in Pursat Province Cambodia.

After Lunch, the team visited the disabled student in her home,  discuss and asked some questions with her family.  The team had opportunity to visit the school was the target  school of DDSP  that  has provided training about  approaches  to teach   special pre-care  for  disabled students  before they attended  first primary school.


Picture 2: DDSP conducted    activity (brainstorm) with locals

Next activity was visiting communication event of DDSP with local people at a temple, Pursat province. Local people   were divided into three groups to discuss their main important issues.


The teacher with blue shirt, who teach disable students and DDSP director, Light for the World and LDPA


The student who living with disability that achieve support from DDSP to attend school with Ms. Duangchai,  LDPA Savannakhet

After that, the team went to meet with the girl who living with disability that achieve support from DDSP to attend school. LDPA and MCNV were happy with her, she is enjoyable person and she liked to go to school a lot , and  her family was happy to  support her go to school.

Fouth day, Lao team participated DDSP presentation about their project. It was effective   presentation, Lao team gained and enhanced   many useful information for us in future implementation.

One role of DDSP and LDPA to their community was to request supports from stakeholders and to empower   the persons who living with disabilities to know their opportunities.

LDPA acknowledge VOICE and MCNV to Support this exchange meeting in Cambodia. It is great opportunity.


Reporter : Ms. Somphone Soukhathammavong , Project Coordinator of LICM, MCNV Office in Laos.

Co-Reporter: Mr. Phonekeo Lattanavong, Vice President of LDPA