Exchange Meeting at Savannakhet Province

Exchange Meeting at Savannakhet Province, 21-23 November, 2017

March 2017, LDPA had corporate to implement “Learning of Innovative Communication Methods”. The project has main partners including Lao Disabled People’s Association (LDPA), Vientiane Youth Center (VYC) and Proud to Be Us, Informal group under Positive Health Association (PHA) and Medical committee Netherlands-Vietnam (MCNV). During March to December, 2017, the main partners of LICM project including LDPA, VYC and PTBU have conducted activities based on the specific backgrounds and experiences of each partner.

Three partners and  MCNV  conducted  exchange meeting at Savannakhet  Province , 21-23 November, 2017 to discuss and share about approaches for linking LICM activities to beneficiaries including students  in school in Savannakhet Province, the persons who living with disabilities of LDPA Savannakhet.  The exchange activities   focused to discuss about lessons learnt from LICM activities for two days. On 22 November, 2017, all participants visited   Mr. Thongkhone and Mr. Kikham, the men who living with disability, which they participated as co-creation workshop and communication event of LICM activities. And After that, the groups visited two schools that LDPA Savannakhet implemented communication events.


Picture1: Mr. Thongkhone and his sister were listening and discussing with all participants at his house, Savannakhet province


Picture 2: The   exchange group   discussed with teachers at Sok Scholl at Savannkhet province


Picture 3: Greeting with Teachers at Sok School of Savannakhet Province where LDPA Savannkhet conducted LICM project with students to enhance mutual understanding about disable people.

The second day, 23 November, 2017   the group visited members of local village committee to share and discus about shadow performance and   dialogue performance that   produced by disable people.  it was the good opportunity that LDPA Vientiane and Savannakhet presented   Sikhet  Vocational Training center   In afternoon section,   with   VYC, PTBU and MCNV  to discuss more about   participation  of their some  members in LICM project and understand about disable people issues . And it can be future mutual cooperation. And in the evening section, the group went to school and visited the person who living with disability.


Picture 4: Group Photo among Sok School Teachers, VYC, LDPA, PTBU and MCNV, Laos

LDPA Savannakhet and Vientiane would like to acknowledgement MCNV, Laos and Vietnam and VOICE Grant for   the exchange meeting and trip to share various views to our future implementation and innovative methods   to communication with our group.


Reporter : Ms. Somphone Soukhathammavong , Project Coordinator of LICM, MCNV Office in Laos.

Co-Reporter: Mr. Phonekeo Lattanavong, Vice President of LDPA